Signs Of A ‘Bad’ Real Estate Agent

February 10, 2022

Real estate agents are not born equal. And since the economy these days are not at all favorable to sellers, buyers and even investors, a savvy real estate agent is wanted during this times. With a savvy real estate agent, you are sure that everything is well taken care of . So, pause for a while and ask yourself – Is my agent worth keeping for or should I look for another one?

1. Moonlighting – How can a real estate agent going to help you out if he has another job? He can’t serve two masters at a time. He will either do the other one and leave the other one. If they can’t, with very low overhead, then why should you trust them to sell your house? Likewise, how available will they be to answer a client’s questions, or show your house if they have another job, right?.

2. Not enough education and experience – Real Estate agents need to understand the realities and facts to their clients. They need to explain why home prices are still going down, or why there is a huge surplus of real estate inventory. Real Estate agents who allow listings to be overpriced are just doing a disservice to their clients and themselves.

3. Bad Photos – The most valuable thing real estate agents can do to feature a property is to show good photos that highlight the positive aspects of your home . So, with those not-so-good photos of your property for sale, don’t you think you need to look for a new agent?

4. Invisible – If communication is one of the most important attributes good real estate agents possess, then your agent needs to be able to communicate readily and be available for you. He has to answer calls, quickly respond to emails, communicate good and back feedback.

The Real Estate Industry is a really interesting one. For the most part it is a sales industry, and very little education is required, for interest. For most states the education requirement is just 120 hours. Of course you need education, but above all else you must gain enough experience in selling  homes for sale. However, some state require just 90 hours of education. This would help in handling the most expensive financial transactions most people ever have and do business with contracts and legal issues

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