Go Green! Make Your Home Appealing to Buyers

December 10, 2021

Nowadays, the status of the real estate market has encouraged sellers to become more practical and creative in their ways to establish an edge in their properties to stand out from like hundreds or perhaps thousands of other properties for sale.


The question is: how would you make homebuyers to look twice when your property has almost alike features with other listings in your area and also has the same range of price?

This can be a good idea – go green. And why go green? We can see nowadays that homeowners are becoming eco-friendly or environmentally conscious with the current condition of the environment. Having that knowledge regarding the direct impact of the environment to the economy, they look for ways to reduce their family’s impact on the environment, and saving money has become one of its end results. Getting sensible on this idea will not just give your home an edge from the rest, but can save your pocket on utility bills at the same time.

We should delete the myth and misconception of what being green is all about. Opting to go green means employing these three useful perspectives: to save money through conserving energy and natural resources; to use sustainable products that give no harmful effects to the environment; and to understand how certain products and substances can become threats to people’s health and safety.

If you want to have your home sold quickly while being eco-friendly at the same time, consider this list of basic home-greening tips:

(1) Install more insulation as it helps reduce energy and heating costs.
(2) Properly seal the windows, doors, etc. of your home using caulking and weather stripping.
(3) Installation of low-flow water fixtures on faucets and showers, and dual-flushing toilets can help in reducing water consumption.
(4) To avoid hazards, choose products like paints for example, with reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).
(5) Consider that electronic items, even if they are not turned on, use power when plugged in. So make it a habit to unplug them when not in use so you can be able to save money from your utility bills.
(6) Consider wood alternative flooring, furniture, cabinetry and other materials as they are eco-friendly choice.
(7) Ideally, using high-efficiency HVAC units works better in your home’s heating and cooling systems.
(8) It is more energy-conserving if you install a water heater with high-efficiency. Just set it down a few degrees when you are going to use it.

What you just have are some of the very useful concepts that explain why greening a home is key to successful real estate selling. The best idea that would occupy the ninth tip is to seek the help of a seasoned real estate professional with an approved eco-designation and as much as possible consider him or herself a green specialist.

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