All Estate Center FAQs

Thank you for using All.estate services. We have prepared the following FAQs to our most commonly asked questions. If you are having trouble using our site, you may be able to find the answer below. If you do not find the answer, please feel free to contact us via email.

Q. I lost my listings email confirmation?

Whenever you place a listing on our site you are sent an email confirmation that you use to manage your listing. If you lost this email, please click here

Q. How do I log in to edit or delete my listing?

A. You may edit your property listing at any time. Simply use your original email confirmation which contains you encrypted link to edit your listing.

Q. I have sold my home?

If you have sold your home, please be sure to modify your listing’s status to “Sold”. Use your encrypted email confirmation and click “Sold”, then complete the short survey and your listing will be updated

Q. My property photos appear distorted?

We have provided an online photo optimization guide to help you display the best possible photos of your property. Below are main reasons why your photos may appear distorted:

  1. Photo size is too large or too small. Your original photo should be as close to 400 X 300 as possible. If your photo is too small, it will appear “stretched”, it too large, it will appear “squished” in the window.
  2. You should avoid “portrait” (vertical) format of photos, as they may appear “stretched” in width an “squished” in height. Your photos should be in traditional “landscape” (horizontal) format.
  3. Photo is not in JPG or PNG format. If you used a .GIF or .BMP format your photo will not appear as crisp as a JPG

If you are still have trouble, please read our photo optimization guide.

Q. How do I change or add photos to my listing?

You may edit, add or change photos on your property listing at any time. Simple use your encrypted email confirmation to log into your listing management window. Click on “Edit Photos” link or simply scroll to bottom of page. There you will use the “browse” feature to locate the photo you wish to add. You may overwrite any of the existing photos with new photos. Also to delete a photo, simply overwrite with another photo.

Q. City or County name is incorrect?

Our site uses the USPS zip code data base to look up city / county names to insure spelling. If the city name is incorrect, please verify the zip code you have entered. In some cases, you may live in a sub-division that goes by a different name, if this is the case, please use the “neighborhood” field to enter you areas name.

Q. My property does not appear on the map?

This is most commonly due to an error in the address. You may have left out St., Blvd, or N or S. We use Google  mapping to locate your property. Please cut and paste the address you have entered on the listing into the “Google Local” window to see if your address is correct. If it is incorrect, Google will provide suggestions to the correct address format. Once you have found the correct address format and your listing appears on Google local, simply edit your listing address to match. Thereafter  your listing will appear on our real estate map search as well as our Google Earth real estate searches.

Q. I have received a suspicious email request to purchase my property?

Although we try our best to limit any suspicious emails from contacting you, occasionally some may get through our filters. If you receive an email inquiry to purchase your home but there is no contact name or phone number or it is from out of the country, we suggest that you email them back asking them to identify themselves before you provide any information. If they do not respond, consider the send a fraud.

Above are the most common questions we receive regarding our services and hopefully they have provided you with the answer to your question. If not, please feel free to contact us via email or call our office at: , Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:30pm PST.

All Estate Team